IM Group & Imagine the Day

Amongst other things Andy has spent the last 20 years with the IM Group in the role of group Managing Director. The IM Group is responsible for Subaru, Isuzu and Great Wall Motor brands across many European markets and has a portfolio of properties across the world managed by IM Properties. Andy has helped steer the company through economic difficulties, while at the same time preparing for the next phase of its growth.

Outside of this with his wife Alison, he has established a charity called ‘Imagine the Day’ and helped to pioneer Mosaic Church in Coventry. They have five children and two grandchildren.


Grace Academy & Mosaic Church

Gary Spicer is the Executive Director for Grace Academy, Senior Leader of Mosaic Church, Coventry and part of the leadership team of the Ground Level Network. A charismatic Leader and communicator, his insights and wisdom make him a much sought after speaker both at home and abroad. Along with his wife Helen, they have pioneered a thriving church with a vision and format designed to expand into multiple locations and other cities. With a passion to equip the next generation of pioneers, Gary is responsible for overseeing and directing 450 staff and 3500 students and accountable for the Ethos, Community and Business across three Academies within the West Midlands. Gary and Helen have three children and five grandchildren.